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2011年北美地區台灣傳統週巡迴訪演 眾音出擊 「2011年北美地區台灣傳統週」訪團演出主題以「眾音出擊,It’s amazing!」呈現,從傳統到現代、從重節奏的搖滾到輕鬆的民謠小調、從國、台、客語到鄒族、阿美族歌曲,表演內容涵括台灣各族群多元曲風,展現生活在這塊土地上人們旺盛的生命力。表演者橫跨了台灣樂壇老中青三代、演唱資歷豐富、詞曲創作俱佳,多次入圍國內各大音樂獎項。相信透過訪團淋漓盡致的演出,觀眾可深切體會台灣在保存傳統音樂的努力與貢獻。 2011 Taiwanese American Heritage Week proudly presents the amazing team from Taiwan. This year we bring you the songs from traditional to the latest pop music, and we cover the musical genres from exciting Rock n Roll to relaxing folk music, in languages of Chinese, Taiwanese, Hakka, aboriginal languages of Tsou and Ami. Our performance contains multicultural melodies of Taiwan, demonstrating the passion of our people thriving on this island. As for our performers, senior musicians and future stars in Taiwanese music circles are all included in this team, and they are constant nominees by the musical awards at home, full of musical experiences and energy. With this amazing team we guarantee the audience of 2011 Taiwanese American Heritage Week a feast for cultural exchange. Through…
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