MCWA Received HCR Manorcare Volunteer Grant/密西根中華婦女會理事蕭春美榮穫 HCR ManorCare員工社區服務獎

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MCWA received the 2011 HCR Manorcare (www.hcr‐ Employee Volunteer grant
of $500 through MCWA BOD Amy Tung at the Heartland Health Care Center‐Oakland in Troy on
Aug.22, 2011. The award ceremony was held in a brand new expansion unit of the Center that
gave MCWA participants a refreshed look at the facility. The award was established to support
the HCR Manor employee who makes differences in the community and contributes his/her time
and talents to local non‐profit organizations. The grant award to MCWA is due to the outstanding
volunteer work by HCR employee and MCWA Board Member Amy Tung. Since the award
program was established in 2007, Amy has been awarded for 4 consecutive years and has
devoted her time, efforts and talents to MCWA (2008‐2011) as well as to support all MCWA
presidents to conduct community work and services.

This year, there were a total of four HCR Manorecare employees and their associated non‐profit
organizations that were awarded with the grant: (1) Julie Crego, Messiah Church, Detroit, (2)
Grace Burns, Rochester Area Youth Assistance, (3) Grace Vanhamme, Michigan Military Moms,
Macomb Chapter and (4) Amy Tung, Michigan Chinese Women Association, Troy.
The grant was presented by HCR Manorcare Administrator Mr. Michael Mithen to HCR employee
Amy Tung who then delivered the grant to MCWA President Mary Wang. Also attending the
award ceremony were MCWA Board Member Grace Keng, MCWA Former Presidents Sue Sung
(2010) and Su Morgon (2007), HCR Manorcare Human Resource Director Julie Crego and many
other staff members at the center.

8月22日在特洛市的 Hearland 醫療保健中心, 密西根中華婦女會很榮幸經由理事蕭春美獲得
2011年HCR Manorcare(www.hcr‐員工社區服務獎500元。頒獎典禮在該中
工在社區服務的貢獻,以他/她的時間和才能,充份服務當地的非營利組織。這筆獎 金將贈
與MCWA以使用在社區服務之需。此服務獎成立於 2007年,蕭春美理事已經連續獲得了4年.
在Hearland 醫療保健中心, 蕭春美是位認真,勤快,有效率的好員工, 深得上司,同事,及中心的居
民之好評. 工作之餘, 她一直奉獻她的時間,精力愛心和才能, 致力於MCWA的社區服務與其
今年這一年,總計有四位HCR Manorecare 員工及其相關非營利組織榮獲員工社區服務獎
如下:(1)Julia Crego,Messiah Church,底特律,(2)Grace Burn,Rochester
Area Youth Assistance,( 3)Grace Vanhamme, Michigan Military Moms, Macomb
這筆贈款是由HCR Manorcare 行政主管Michael Mithen 先生頒發給HCR 員工蕭春美 , 然後 再
交送給MCWA 會長傅曼玲。參與頒獎儀式有MCWA 理事王禎楣,MCWA 前會長 宋尚行
(2010)和蘇怡如(2007 年),HCR Manorcare 人力資源主管Julia Crego 和數位該中心的工作


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